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Who We Are

Church is not a place to attend religious services on Sunday. It is people. If you have ever experienced the awkwardness of walking into a roomful of strangers, you know what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. Faith Community Church is a safe place to explore your faith and to connect with God and others in a very real and meaningful way. We want to help you move from feeling like an "outsider" to belonging to this family that deeply cares for each other and enjoys being together. Think of our church as a community for spiritual growth, not a building with a steeple or an organized religion.

Church is people. People called into personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Church is family, a community of believers that is organically connected through their selfless love for one another. Church is a worshiping community that glorifies God through continual listening and responding to His Word and His Spirit. Church is a transformational community where broken lives are made new by God's grace.

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